expanded tables at art shack

rao_expanded carpet2_sm

Expanded Carpet centers on taking a commonplace object–a rug –and transforming it into a gathering space. It takes the traditional Indian rug and splits it into fragments, each of which becomes a bench/seating platform. There are strong traditions in India (as well as throughout the Middle East) of sitting on the floor on a carpet. It creates a community bond and a communal welcoming atmosphere. My piece plays on this and makes it easier and more comfortable to form this sort of community. The height of the legs for each bench varies, creating a dynamic sense of space. People can sit on the pieces, perhaps even move them around into welcoming communal groups.
The piece was exhibited outdoors during the Art Shack exhibit created by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and Englewood Community Development with support from Great Places 2020 Indianapolis LISC.

rao_expanded carpet3_sm  rao_expanded carpet1_sm