Tree|Cloud|Spring for landscape show at Gallery 924

Had a blast at the Gallery 924 Contemporary Landscape Exhibit. I created a work entitled Tree| Sky| Spring, celebrating the end of a long winter and the beginning of spring. The piece consists of three 6”x8” laser-cut handheld marble games. The three pieces form a visual poem about landscape and the way landscapes change over time. Viewers are encouraged to pick them up and roll the steel marbles around the piece. For the Sky piece the marbles allude to rain or thunder. For the Tree piece they might allude to snow. Taken together these artworks form a modern, dynamic tone-poem statement about landscapes and they ways they are portrayed in visual art. Sold one at the show too! The show runs at Gallery 924 from June 6-July 3 2014.

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924_Landscape detail_sm

project sketch

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