the Stamp Act, installation at iMOCA

200 milk crates, 7 rubber stamps, four packs of post-its and a whole lot of creativity from visitors to the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. These are the ingredients for Stamp Act, my installation as part of the exhibit- Finders Keepers. My goal is to engage the audience in playful creativity and exploration. Each of the stamps has a simple, elemental shape. These shapes can be combined in infinite ways to create unique, individual works of art. The exhibit creates itself. The crates serve as surfaces to create the art and a venue to display them. It was so much fun to see this come together at the opening, to see the project come to life with a creative explosion in the gallery.

IMG_3378 copy_edited IMG_3380 copy_edited IMG_3365 IMG_3370 IMG_3374 IMG_3347 IMG_3354 IMG_3358 IMG_3362